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Health Care Centre Floriande

The service cluster is part of the IJtocht Zone, a green strip with buildings for education, health care and child care in the development area of Floriande (Haarlemmermeer). In the town planning scheme, the service provisions in this strip have been thought of as separate pavilions, in so-called ‘rooms’.

The Floriande service cluster is in one of these ‘rooms’, and consists of a health care centre with a family doctor's surgery, physiotherapy and chemist’s shop, and a building for childcare adjacent to it.

The wind in this former polder still blows mercilessly. In order to provide lee and shelter, both buildings have their entrances turned towards each other. Courtyards with pivoting glass doors lead to their entrance halls. The window- and doorframes refer to the concrete prefab elements used in pioneer farmhouses in the Noordoostpolder during the fifties of the previous century. The reliable materials in the façades have been selected for their durable properties and look like a good protection in the bleak landscape.

The health care centre has been organised centrally by a double-high, predominantly glass entrance hall. The different care functions have been linked around in clusters. The building for the child care also has a entrance courtyard, a central hall and a enclosed outdoor space as a playground.

Location Waddenweg 7, Hoofddorp

Client S.G.C. Haarlemmermeer

Program Health care centre

Area 1.500 m2

Design 2002

Completion 2005

Contractor Meijer Bouw, Sassenheim

Constructeur IBT Veenendaal

Photography Luuk Kramer