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The given  situation with a number of pavilion-like buildings within a finely-woven green structure was the basis for the new development of this multifunctional school. The programme includes two primary schools, a youth theatre and library, day-care centre, playgroup, health care centre and a sports hall. Additionally, 36 homes and a parking garage have been included in the same planning area. Compared to the existing situation, the entire programme creates a doubling of the floor area.

In spite of this, the design aims to preserve the loose lay-out and the attractive small-scaled set-up of the area. First, the edges of the planning area have been sought out in all directions. Next, the total building mass has been distributed as much over the area as possible into a number of programmatic clusters that connect to the surrounding buildings as regards composition. Functions that do not necessarily require daylight – garage and sports hall – have been placed underground.

The more public functions are at the heart of the school building, including the auditorium, the library and the theatre. This part of the building is transparent and easily accessible. By introducing a second surface level, both of the school building’s floors are at ground level, as it were. It is a part of the environment: indoors and outdoors are interwoven. In a functional sense, the entire building forms one compact body, but it looks like separate, independent components.

Location Lange Heul, Bussum

Client Municipality Bussum / Vaessen Bouwbedrijf

Program Primary school, childcare, sports, theatre and library

Area 4.950 m2 + 1200 m2 parking

Completion 2011

Contractor Vaessen Algemeen Bouwbedrijf / Schouten de Jong

Photography Luuk Kramer