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The design for the 31 family houses is part of ‘Noorderplassen West’. This is a new residential area of 2700 homes north of Almere. The planning area is surrounded by large landscape elements; woods, agricultural land, water and nature. In the town planning scheme of KCAP Rotterdam, this specific location has led to a planning structure in which the interwovenness and confrontation of the housing with the surrounding landscape has been maximised.

The planning area consists, among other things, of a central middle area, the Golden Mile, around which a wreath-shaped area, the Aura has been projected. This Aura consists of different building and landscape shapes. One of those building principles is the so-called two-siders. These two-siders are located between avenue and woods and should be oriented towards the street side as well as towards the wood side. 

By regarding this two-sided orientation not only as a façade issue, but splitting up the residential programme as much as possible, two more or less freestanding building volumes are created, interconnected by a bridge.

“Split-Living”. The front section is placed directly at the street as The Street House with entrance and carport; the façades are executed in sheets of steel. Halfway the depth of the plot is The Wood House with an (optional) room overlooking the garden and walls executed in wood. 

The space between both building components is executed as an atrium with a glass roof. Each house consists of three living units that can de designed individually. Living at the street or wood side. A large kitchen-diner or a smaller kitchen with an extra room. An additional study of home office. The house can be arranged differently and adjusted to a changing family situation relatively easily.

Location Kajuit, Noorderplassen West, Almere

Client Hillen & Roosen, Amsterdam

Program 31 Houses

Design 2002

Completion January 2006

Contractor Hillen & Roosen, Amsterdam

Constructeur Duyts Bouwconstructies, Amsterdam

Photography Luuk Kramer