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MFA Kindcluster II

Child Cluster II in the new development area of Nesselande near Rotterdam provides a programme aimed at children, with education, child care, sports and housing. The first phase of the design, a building for two primary schools and sports accommodation, has been in use since December 2009. At this moment, the second building for a child care, the two residential towers and the car park are in the building phase. The four construction components are separate volumes, but form one whole through their materialisation, architecture, routing and arrangement.

A relaxed fitting of the buildings into their landscape environment was aimed for. Indoor and outdoor spaces are naturally interwoven components of equal value. The programme extends over the entire width of the plot without becoming a wall. Unexpected connections are realised by the loose and elegant lay-out, which allow for roving across the terrain without getting lost. By accommodating as much programme at ground level as possible, the interaction between inside and outside, between building and neighbourhood, is enhanced.

Location Nesselande, Rotterdam

Client Woonbron Kristal

Program Primary school, childcare and sports

Area 7500 m2 + 1300 m2 sport

Completion December 2009 / 2012