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Trajectum College

The Overvecht quarter in Utrecht is a typical example of ‘stamp urban planning’ of the sixties. Large-scale orthogonally partitioned areas surrounded by green areas, in which buildings with a special designation are situated as separate 'pavilions'.

From a town planning point of view, the present Vader Rijn College is such a pavilion in a green area. However, the building and the terrain have been designed in such a manner that they rather belong to the ‘stamp architecture’ than that they are a special building in a green area. 

The present lay-out is orthogonally, business-like and hardly of a landscape nature. The new design for the Trajectum College has to change this, using the existing building. The building will be more three-dimensional by locally collaring out the façades. The façades will be turned towards the surrounding exit road and this way become interactive with the environment. 

Additionally, the building will get colour, unlike the architecture of residential buildings within the area. Instead of the closed façades, the new expression of the façades will be transparent and colourful. Outdoor areas will be added to each floor, thus making the building lively and its functions readable; an outdoor space for the restaurant, practical training terraces for the creative subjects and a lounge terrace on the top floor will indicate that more is happening in this building than just classroom education.

Location Vader Rijndreef 9, Utrecht

Client Gemeente Utrecht

Program Secondary education + childcare

Area 8.300 m2

Design December 2009

Completion August 2011

Installation ARCADIS Nederland BV

Management MAAR! Bouwmanagement

Photography Luuk Kramer

With ARCADIS Nederland BV