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KDV Werkplaats

This day-care centre is a part of the buildings that jointly form The Children Community Workshop, in dutch Werkplaats Kindergemeenschap.

The building is adjacent to the buildings for primary education. The contours at street side follow the road's direction, at the school's side the direction of existing buildings, and at the east side the boundaries of the zoning plan.

The result is a triangular building, locally cut out to allow daylight and to emphasise the entrances.

The outside wall is built up from meandered masonry, the façades of the “bites” into the building are part of the interior as regards atmosphere and colour.

Location Kees Boekelaan, Bilthoven

Client Stichting Werkplaats Kindergemeenschap

Program Childcare

Area 1.200 m2

Design 2008

Completion 2011

Management IQNN Vastgoed, Den Haag