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Sint Vituscollege

The Sint Vitus College is a secondary school for higher general secondary education, which is situated in a transition zone between a historic villa area and a natural area with parks, gardens and sports fields.

The expansion for the school designed by our office complies with this context. The landscape qualities have prevailed over our architectural ambitions. The building is a simple box on colums. We have chosen to put the new extension next to the existing school and connect the two by a glass dry-walk. This has led to a renewed campus-like structure offering students a loosely laid out spacious accommodation.

Keeping the sports fields on the school’s own premises was an important wish of the client. In order to realise this, the expansion was raised and the artificial grass field is stretched out under the building. In this manner, the sports fields are linked both spatially and visually. The grandstand is under the building and offers a view over the large sports field. 

The new volume has a compact organisation with a basic system of corridors. It has been executed plainly with a main supporting construction of concrete prefab elements and sheets of steel for the façades. The façade height has been kept as limited as possible. In order to obtain the required ceiling height, the ceilings could not be lowered. Instead, they have been provided with acoustic spraying coating. Due to these measures and by raising the expansion, physical and financial room was created to further design the terrain including artificial grass training fields and a stand. 

Location Beerensteinerlaan 69, Bussum

Client BOAG Rotterdam

Program Secondary education

Area 4.000 m2

Design 2002

Completion 2005

Cost € 3.500.000,--

Contractor Wouters Bouw Amsterdam