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Panta Rhei

Panta Rhei is a neutral comprehensive school for lower secondary education in Amstelveen. Education is provided according to a new method, by which classrooms have been replaced by larger core teams, in which learning takes place more independent and competency-oriented. The 21st century student is independent enough to gather and process information at other locations in the building than only the classroom. Incidental encounters inside the building are very important.

The former school is split up into two locations in Amstelveen, which have been merged into the new design together with a new sports centre. The main lay-out of the building is extremely sober. A concrete structure of disks with a central corridor across to open up the classrooms and offices. Due to its width, this corridor provides opportunities for people to meet each other and for added training programmes. The design is well-arranged and transparent and realised in pure, honest materials such as glass, steel and concrete.

An important aspect in the appearance and interior of the new school was the concept of flexibility. Merely frontal education definitely seems to be a thing of the past. The building accommodates several educational domains. These are quite spacious areas in which the size of rooms can be varied by sliding doors. The teacher may have part of his students work individual and give theoretical explanation to the rest of the group. The glass sliding doors enable the teacher to always have a good overview of the entire space.

Location Pandora 1, Amstelveen

Client S.G. Panta Rhei

Program Secondary education

Area 7.800 m2 school

Completion 2009/2010

Contractor Hillen & Roosen, Amsterdam

Constructeur IBT Veenendaal

Management BOA Advies, Amsterdam

Photography Luuk Kramer, Jeroen Musch

Furniture I29, Amsterdam /