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Huizermaat Comprehensive School is a school for higher general secondary and pre-university education with about 1000 students. In the first phase, we have renovated the existing building, entirely replacing the façades. In the second phase of the planning development, the building was expanded with a new transparent entrance area, a multimedia library, sports facilities, classrooms and an auditorium that is used by the church during weekends.

By positioning the new volume parallel to the linear structure of the existing building, a centrally oriented complex was created around a glass hall. This hall is in the centre of the new ‘school road’. Perpendicularly to this, the existing building and the new development are connected to one another. The building has been designed so that maximum overview is ensured. Therefore, we have applied many sightlines in the design, thus maximising the contact between all the school’s users as much as possible.

Location Monnickskamp 7, Huizen

Client Stichting Gooise Scholenfederatie

Program Secondary education

Area 4000 m2

Design 2000

Completion June 2005

Contractor Slokker Bouwgroep, Almere

Constructeur IBT Veenendaal