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Goois Lyceum

The Goois Lyceum is a school for higher secondary general education. The school was founded in 1911 by parents and was largely expanded during the sixties. This expansion consisted of a standard classical pragmatic school building. A corridor schoolbuilding with standard classrooms and by way of exception three sports halls and an auditorium coupled to the hallway.

The building did not have a clear entrance and no central space enabling informal meetings.

A part of the corridor structure at ground level has been opened up and forms the new heart of the building together with the newly built expansion. A light and open communal space has taken the place of the introvert and dark corridor.

Location Vossiuslaan 2a, Bussum

Client Stichting Gooise Scholenfederatie

Program Renewed entry and canteen

Area 800 m2

Completion 2004