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De Brink College

De Brink College, a school complex for lower secondary education, also including a restaurant and workshops, has been fitted organically into its surroundings, the village of Laren. Although the geometric construction volumes do not bear any formal affinity with the tiled and thatched roofs of the adjacent buildings, they do follow the village’s rural building structure and skyline.

In order to fit the extensive programme into the available location, the complex has been submerged into the terrain for over a metre. The schoolyard has been placed onto the roof of the workshops. The building has further been scaled down optically by cutting the total volume into four quadrants, which each have been designed individually to connect to their immediate surroundings. Due to their relatively low building height, their abstract façades made of clean concrete and their paved roofs, the two northern quadrants look like elements of the landscape. The southern quadrants, next to the city hall and a sports hall, are significantly higher and more robust.

Essential to the atmosphere at this school is the system of connections between the building parts. The public road, the passage to the entrance hall, the footbridge, the roof square and the indoor corridors form a three-dimensional circle of informal traffic and dwelling spaces.

Location Kerklaan 6, Laren

Client Stichting Gooise Scholenfederatie

Program Secondary education

Area 12.400 m2

Design 1999/2002/2006

Completion Phased 2001/2003/2007

Contractor Strukton Maarssen

Constructeur IBT Veenendaal