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A new distribution centre had to be designed for Kinzo Tools after the old one had burned down. After a survey, a terrain was found at an industrial estate near Ede. Kinzo is at a clearly visible location along the new A30 motorway.

The complex consists of an 11-metre high distribution hall at the front side leading into a 7-metre high band-shaped warehouse. These functional blocks have been coated with sheets of steel. On the lower part of the warehouse, there is a two-storey high office block placed as an independent object on eight columns. The slenderness of those columns makes the building look like it is floating. Additionally, a sluggish bank leads to a parking deck on top of the lower part of the warehouse. The bank’s diagonal ensures dynamics in the otherwise rigid rectangular composition. The result is an elementary geometry that can be caught in a single glimpse from a passing car.

With the design for the new housing of Kinzo Tools in Ede, we want to demonstrate that a commercial building does not necessarily need to be organised entirely horizontally. Thus, the commercial building is able to rid itself of a stigma and cast off the cliché archetype of the box on a car park.

Location Celsiusstraat 37, Ede

Client Kinzo Tools

Program Distribution hall + offices

Area 29.000 m2

Design 1999

Completion 2000-2004

Contractor Ballast Nedam, Utrecht

Constructeur IBT Veenendaal

Photography Luuk Kramer