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Cinema Kinepolis Dordrecht

The new cinema of the Belgian cinema operator Kinepolis is situated in the former dock area, close to the historic city centre of the City of Dordrecht.

For the development of a new cinema, the City of Dordrecht submitted a limited Request for Tender (RFT). For their submission, the selected parties could choose from four locations in Dordrecht and the surrounding area.

By choosing this location, a new cultural and entertainment area is formed, consisting of the new location which at the moment is in use as a car park of the RTF, the cultural centre “Het Energiehuis” and the catering of Villa Augustus. This new, striking cinema therefore contributes to the reactivation of this old dock area.

The cinema has been designed in an imposing and expressive manner, with a fully symmetrical main concept and a robust materialization of dark bricks, steel façade cladding set up in striking, two-tone (gold-grey) pointed profiles and raw concrete.

The terrace, which overlooks the water, is freely accessible to all and part of a new promenade along the inland waterway of the Wantij.

The face of the cinema stands firmly on the ground on the side of the square and the main entrance, with a relatively closed façade, built from predominantly dark brick. However, contrasting with the face, the glace façade on the waterfront is fully open, with a terrace which takes full advantage of the waterfront location. The upper 4 film theatres tower on both sides above the water and the square.

In the building itself, the cinema experience has been maximised: the routing and spatial structure are aimed at allowing visitors to mingle as much as possible and to make visual contact with each other. After exiting the theatre, the visitors re‑enter the heart of the building. From there they can use the facilities and amenities (café, terrace) and maybe watch another film.


Occupation date : 17 February 2016

Gross floor area: 4,800 m2

Architect's firm: Snelder Architecten, Bussum, The Netherlands

Architect: Michiel Snelder

Website (architect's firm):

Contact (email):

Principal: Kinepolis, Ghent, Belgium

Projectmanagement: Bulters & Bulters, Amsterdam

Acoustics, Fire Safety: LBP SIGHT,Nieuwegein

Designer: Buro Broersma,The Hague

Building contractor: Ballast Nedam,Capellea/dIJssel

Photographer: Luuk Kramer, Amsterdam

Design for the square: Landlab, Arnhem



Location Dordrecht

Client Kinepolis Group Gent

Program 6 Cinemas + Catering