Snelder Architects designs largest cinema in the Netherlands Snelder Architects provides the design of the largest multiplex cinema in the Netherlands, in the centre of the city of Utrecht. The multiplex, with a floor area of approximately 15.000 m2 in total, includes 14 auditoria with around 3.400 seats in total and a public food court. The multiplex cinema houses three cinema types which are different in character: Arthouse, Blockbuster cinema and “VIP zone”. The Arthouse zone within the building specializes in films which are artistic to a greater extent and do not fit into the regular Hollywood offer. There is a Grand Café in this zone. An extensive Self-Service can be found in the cinema which focuses on the, mostly major, Blockbusters. The exclusive VIP zone includes even more luxurious auditoria and its own separate foyer with service. The entire cinema has been designed to enable the most alluring theatre experience for every visitor in every conceivable aspect: ranging from the theatrical entrance hall, the perfect screen and superior sound to the most delicious popcorn. All 14 auditoria within the cinema have been dimensioned and designed optimally and they are equipped with the most advanced digital projection and sound technology. In order to make the cinema as attractive and as inviting as possible for the neighbourhood as well, it is transparent wherever possible and closed wherever needed. The entrance area under the corbelled hall and the façade of the Food Court, for instance, are shaped like a front entirely made of glass. The multiplex cinema will be part of the large-scale territorial development of the station district of Utrecht. This territorial development is currently in progress for the greater part and includes, among other things, the construction of a new theatre, a hotel, a casino and the expansion of the vast multipurpose facility De Jaarbeurs. According to the plan, the cinema will be put into use in September 2015. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- COLOPHON: Project Title: Multiplex Wolff Jaarbeurs Client: Wolff Bioscopen in association with Jaarbeurs Utrecht Architect: Snelder Architects Gross Floor area: 15.000 m2 Location: Utrecht Status: Final Design Project start date: October 2014 Collaborators: Project management: Bulters & Bulters Installation advice: Ingenieursburo Linssen Engineering physics: LBP/SIGHT Construction advice: Adviesburo Broersma Address Croeselaan 6, Utrecht