Everything flows

Society is changing continuously. A building and indeed its interior should be able to assimilate with these dynamics quickly and effectively. 

This is particularly important in education and at the workplace. The question of how learning and working can be done most enjoyably and most efficiently should be asked time and again continuously. Key concepts at answering this question are flexibility, multiple use of space and value of use.

  • 'The New Learning'

    The New Learning is very much a topic in education at the moment, whereby class supply-oriented education is replaced by demand-oriented education. This requires a new spatial lay-out and design of the school building.

    A good example is our design for the Kees Boekeschool, or Children Community Workshop, in which there are no classrooms any longer, but so-called learning domains. These are large spaces in which students are working on their education independently in projects.
  • 'The New Working'

    The New Working is a current topic at the workplace. Workers have a greater say about their working hours and are supported in this through ICT facilities so that work can simply be performed anywhere. This has major effects on the interior (concept).

Among other things, Snelder Architects designs interiors for education and office tasks. We decide on the accommodation concept, spatial design and materialisation and also on the furniture. We do this independently or in collaboration with interior designers and/or suppliers. Both managing directors are graduates in Architecture with main subject Interior Design.

Recently, the interior design for the Phanta Rhei College (interior: I29, Amsterdam) was nominated for the Frame Great Indoors Award 2010 and the Lensvelt-The Architect Interior Prize 2010. The building was also awarded the BNA Prize Building of the Year 2010.